New in Singapore? Ready to fill up your fridge? Do not miss our beginner’s guide to supermarkets in Singapore, from affordable groceries to gourmet products and home deliveries!

For some, grocery shopping may seem like a tedious To Do item, while for others it’s their favorite outing. At the end of the day, we all gotta eat, so here you have our faves when it comes to grocery shopping in Little Red Dot (aka Singapore).

We have divided the list in categories so that you can find easily what you need 🙂

Friendly warning! We’re working hard to be accurate. But these are unusual times, so please check that venues remain open.



~  Kühlbarra

If you’re a seafood lover like us, you would love Kühlbarra. Not only their fish is fresh and delicious but their website is super user-friendly and they also promote local aquaculture and sustainable farming.

They farm their fish in ocean waters because it is the best way to ensure they are produced in a completely sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. Farming also allows them to regulate exactly what their fish eat, keeping toxins out of their diets (and ours!).

To assure freshness, they follow a harvest-to-order model, meaning they only harvest when receiving an order. Fish simply doesn’t get any fresher than premium Kühlbarra barramundi.

Keep in mind that other “fresh” fish normally travels through a series of middlemen for 5 or 6 days before it even reaches the store, never mind your kitchen.

Specialized in premium barramundi (Asian sea bass) they offer all kinds of cuts and portions in their website, including fish collagen stock, check it out here:

At home, we enjoyed simply grilled and paired with some veggies to appreciate its premium flavour.

Besides delicious barramundi, you will also find salmon: fillet, traditional smoked salmon, sashimi slices, you name it! See below one of our favourite recipes to cook with Külhbarra products: sashimi bowl.

With convenience for their customers in mind, Kühlbarra provides daily deliveries in three-hour windows from 9 AM to 8 PM, except on Sundays.

All products arrived chilled and nestled in ice within a sealed and insulated box. Each piece of fish was additionally vacuum-packed to preserve freshness and quality.

~  9s Seafood

It’s should hardly come as a surprise: direct to consumer (DTC) businesses are surging right now.

Just because you’re cooped up at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fish that was freshly caught days ago. 9s seafood proves the point.

9s seafood is a family-owned business with more than 60 years of history. Their humble beginnings at a roadside stall in Chinatown, have nothing to do with what they are today: the best online platform to shop fresh and frozen fish in Singapore.

After some raving reviews from our friends, we decided to try it. Certainly, they did not disappoint.

Firstly, their website is easy to maneuver with all the information needed to choose one fish or another. They have a variety of choices, not only in types of fish, but also in their cuts: steak, fillet (sliced or not), etc.

Must-buy: Sea-bass (barramundi), Norwegian Salmon, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna (Ahi) Maguro, Atlantic scallops and Tiger Prawns.

We promise you that it has been difficult to find good (and reasonably-priced) tuna in Singapore until we met 9s seafood. Now we can do all the pokes we want!

They have recently launched a new line of products that we are crazy to try: Scotch Reserve Smoked Salmon. Yum!

With convenience for their customers in mind, 9s Seafood offers free delivery for orders over $60. Order before 9.30pm to qualify for next-day delivery.

And of course, everything arrived still solidly frozen and was immaculately sealed.

Shop here >>

Bonus point: very good customer service!



~  Ryan’s Grocery

On the hunt for organic, gluten-, allergen-, preservative-free fresh food in Singapore? Look no further than Ryan’s Grocery.

Ryan´s Grocery, situated at Great World City, constitutes the flagship (and second outlet in Sg) of the Australian-style alternative gourmet supermarket. Decked in muted colors with dark wood accents, the modern interior is accentuated by white textured walls and industrial-style furniture.

They offer a wide range of imported and in-house products focused on the mindful customer that looks for organic, gluten-, preservative- and allergen-free supplies. From Australian native tea, sustainabily sourced wild-caught seafood, to handmade jams, plant-based milk, gluten-free pasta, a great selection of organic wine, craft-beers, kombucha… and, basically, all the pantry essentials you could ever imagine.

They also house a magnificent Butchery that will blow meat-lovers’ mind away. There you will find not only beef, pork, lamb and chicken, but also dry-aged meats prepared in the store’s dry-aging chamber.

You will be able to choose the cut to prepare it at home or try their ¨pick and grill¨ and eat it next door at Ryan´s Kitchen. To make your life easier, they also offer a range of prepared food.

Customers looking for gluten-free and vegetarian baked goods, can find a curated selection at Ryan’s Grocery.

The icing on the cake is their fresh vegetable cold room, a dedicated cold room showcasing a wide range of organic and seasonal vegetables from Australia, UK and other parts of the world.

Below some of the goodies we took home and how are we planning to cook them, yum!

  • Gluten-free spirals with tomato and truffle sauce.
  • Obviously, we bought some plant-based milk cause we love to drink our latter in the mornings. This one is made of rice and tastes delicious!

  • And to scale things up, we took some of their meat home. Their famous sausages and a pork collar that we’ll combine with a smooth and wholesome truffle polenta.

At their 4000 sqft space they also have created their very first dining space concept: Ryan’s Kitchen, where they serve a delightful menu prepared with quality and organic produce that may also be purchased at the grocery. Isn’t it a brilliant idea? Discover more about our experience at Ryan’s Kitchen here.



Photo credit: The Butcher via Facebook
~  Huber’s Butchery

Huber’s is a family owned business that opened in July 2008.

Their main goal? Sell top quality meat.

Today, Huber’s is much more than just butcher since they also sell imported dairy products, frozen seafood, salads, fresh breads and even fondue pots.

They also offer home delivery services.

~  The Butcher

The Butcher opened its doors in Holland Village in 2003, with the aim to sell premium meats.

Now it is much more, The Butcher offers a vast selection of fresh gourmet meat products, a range of “ready-to-go” meals and traditional meat lines, as well as an assortment of sauces and condiments to complement any meal.

They also offer delivery. Check all their produce here >>



~  Angies Tempeh

Are you looking to add more plant-based meals to your routine? If so, you’ll definitely want to try Angie’s organic Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay).

This versatile plant-based “meat” has a savory and slightly nutty flavor that makes for a delicious addition to any dish. Vegan Certified, minimal ingredients (only 2) and non-GMO, you’ll love that it’s packed with 12 grams of protein.

Angie’s Tempeh is made only from two ingredients: certified organic and non-GMO beans (soybeans, chickpeas or adzuki beans) and culture.

The tempeh is made from scratch upon order, the freshest, the better! You can always freeze the tempeh and consume it whenever you want.

They currently offer 3 different tempeh flavours: soybean tempeh, chickpea tempeh and adzuki tempeh. Each type of tempeh has its unique taste, texture and aroma.

With convenience for their customers in mind, Angie’s Tempeh offers gree delivery for orders above $50. Islandwide delivery is available for $8.

Order your batch here:

~  Open Taste

Missing a proper farmers’ market in Singapore? A place to buy organic and homegrown produce? Open Taste has got you covered.

Open Taste is an online farmers’ market selling produce from over 200 farms across 6 countries.

On top of that, they offer competitive wholesale prices, fuss-free delivery process, and an extensive range of farm-fresh offerings.

Check it out here >>



~  Straits Preserves

The rise of mass-market production meant that jams for supermarkets were made from fruit that was available in bulk and that the flavor could be rounded out with a heavy dose of sugar.

Nothing to do with the artisanal jam, the indie version of mainstream jam; with that much passion and joy put into crafting their product, your tastebuds will be in for a treat.

It all started when we were trying to find an artisanal local product to bring back home. Since our families love to enjoy a good weekend sweet breakfast, we started looking for local produced jams.

When we found Straits Preserves, we had no doubt, this is what we had to bring home. Something artisanal, yet exotic, and produced locally. Our families loved it!

An abundance of tiny ripe calamansi limes in the garden inspired our founder Sharon Lee to create her first marmalade recipe, which after many refinements went on to win The World’s Best International Marmalade Award 2012 in The World’s Original Marmalade Awards in the U.K.

The combination of tropical fruit and a lack of Asian marmalade recipes to follow resulted in flavours that are unique to Singapore.


Launched in 2014, Straits Preserves has since won numerous Great Taste Awards and The World’s Original Marmalade Awards.

Find all their creations here:

They also produce a peanut-coconut or “peaconut” butter (with sugar or NSA, both options are available at their website) that is to die for!



Find below a list of our favorite supermarket (both online and in-store) accross the island. From affordable supermarkets to pricey-organic ones. Singapore has it all!

  • Redmart:  best for online supermarket shopping through Lazada website. It is a great way to shop for all the heavy stuff you don’t fancy lugging back from the supermarket.
  • Mustaffa, best for budget-savvy shoppers. A 24/7 Aladdin’s cave that you will love and hate in equal measures (we obviously love it, the prices are the lowest ranked in the country). Take into account that they do not sell neither pork nor alcohol.
  • Sheng Siong, best for budget-savvy shoppers. With around 60 stores located primarily in the heartlands of Singapore, Sheng Siong provides both wet and dry goods at reasonable prices. Their seafood and poultry are similar to those at a wet market, and are just as fresh.
  • Don Donki, everyone’s favorite Japanese supermarket. They also sell great money-for-value sushi. Also, most of the branches are open ’til late.
  • Meidi-Ya, another Japanese supermarket.
  • Coldstorage, best for international goodies galore, rather pricey
  • NTUC FairPrice, with more than 220 outlets across the island, NTUC FairPrice offers great deals and an excellent range.
  • Scoop Wholefoods (Australian brand), it can make you feel like a kid in a candy store. It has been one of the newest additions to the supermarket scene in Singapore and expats love it! SCOOP isn’t going to replace your weekly shopping place, it has masses of choices on the dried goods front but doesn’t offer fresh fruit, vegetables or meat and fish options. However, if you are after flours, teas, healthy oils, nut butters, pastas, beans, healthier snacks, then this is definitely the place for you.
  • Little Farms,  their stores stocks a colorful display of organic, farm-fresh produce, as well as pastas, milk, and preservative-free meats.

We could not finish the listing without talking about “wet markets”,  a marketplace selling fresh meat, fish, produce, and other perishable goods very common in Asia. Home to local-shoppers and budget-savvy shoppers, prices are much more affordable (although the majority of stalls do not show their prices) than in supermarkets.

Photo by Jack Young

Something that we love about the wet markets (besides the prices) is the fact that you can interact with people who care about their businesses, and are willing to create relationships with their customers.

You can ask the fishmonger auntie what’s fresh and how to cook it. She’ll tell you that the barramundi is fresh, and then she’ll direct you to the vegetable stall for tomatoes and potatoes, while she cleans the fish, so you can make an amazing roasted fish tonight.

  • Tekka Centre (Tekka Centre, 665 Buffalo Road, Singapore 210665). Singapore’s largest indoor wet market, this has some of the best, least expensive Indian food in town.
  • Tiong Bahru Wet Market (30 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168898)
  • Kuriya Japanese Fresh Fish Market – Jurong Point (1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648886)


And this is it (for now). We promise to keep updating the list with new discoveries 🙂